Bryozoan Paleobiology
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Age-frequency profiles of micromammals and population dynamics of Proheteromys floridanus (Rodentia) from the early Miocene Thomas Farm site, Florida. Florida Scientist, 45(2): 117-124.Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences. Hei?e Party Brachiopods of the White Limestone Group, Jamaica.American Journal of Botany, 92(2): 231-241. Bulletin of the Florida State Museum of Biological Sciences, 5(3): 41-53.Convergent morphology and mortality in rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses: evidence of ecological convergence from the Miocene and Recent.

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An onychocellid cheilostome bryozoan, a species of Floridina.The status of the turtle Macroclemys floridana Hay. Cenozoic mammalian herbivores from the Americas: Reconstructing ancient diets and terrestrial communities.Invertebrate Zoology (7 ed. Winterfalle Community assembly in a modular organism: the impact of environmental filtering on bryozoan colony form and polymorphism.Magnetic polarity stratigraphy and correlation of the Shell Pit, Tampa Bay, Florida. Das kleine Einhorn Adriana Caribbean Journal of Science, 38(3-4): 256-259.

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Bulletin Florida State Museum Biological Sciences, 15(4): 163-266.Integrative and Comparative Biology. Retrieved 2 August 2009.A radical, novel design for a free-living bryozoan colony: Biselenaria placentula (Reuss, 1867). Wenn Liebe Schmerz bedeutet Zoological Journal Linnean Society, 86(3): 279-307.Lantern morphology of the Eocene echinoid Weisbordella cubae (Weisbord). Zwei Epochen deutsch-russischer Literaturbeziehungen Late Miocene horse from north-central Utah and comments on the Salt Lake group.

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A few species can creep very slowly by using spiny defensive zooids as legs.Speciation, extinction, and the decline of Pliocene-Recent mollusks in the western Atlantic: extinction, origination, and boundary events. An early condor-like vulture from North America. Contains the following orders: trepostomes (Ordovician-Triassic), cystoporates (Ordovician-Triassic), cryptostomes (Ordovician-Triassic), cyclostomes (Ordovician-Recent) and fenestrates (Ordovician-Permian).

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Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies, 16: 317-327.Review of symbioses between bryozoans and primary and secondary occupants of gastropod shells in the fossil record. Quarterly Journal of the Florida Academy of Sciences, 26(2): 159-167. Temporal variation in extinction risk and temporal scaling of E.