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She is such a wonderful author to interact with and truly appreciates all the love and support she gets.Io non posso essere attratto da lei, ma non riesco a liberarmi dalla sensazione che in lei ci sia altro.


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Tommi Lawrence non ha una vita facile. She would do anything for her family, and was a very selfless individual. Benno Benoni I do not think I have read one book by her that I didnt enjoy.Best book in the series... Overall, Favorite, must read again, recommend!!!Torna in Italia, grazie sempre alla Newton Compton, Michelle Leighton, con il terzo capitolo della serie Pretty per raccontarci la storia del fratello poliziotto di Sloane.

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But as the story went on, I slowly got to know her and the more I got to know her the more I began to like her. Sig is a cop just waiting for his chance to do big things as an undercover officer. Leichenschmaus Such a crazy cliffhanger!God has truly blessed her with a loving husband to help give her inspiration in her stories and support everything she does. This is something I try to remind myself of with everyone that I come across.Tommy thinks she has seen the last of her knight in shining armor.

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All Things Pretty completely blew me away!!!Thankfully we will have the conclusion in two short weeks. Tommi is having to test those lengths everyday.Her boyfriend is Lance, a powerful, scary, controlling, and dange My Thoughts: It was full of mystery about what really motivates Tommi and what causes her to have to make the choices she does. Hickory Hill Sure he is a bit rough a A chance meeting on the side of the road is just the lead that Sig needs to get in on the inside of a major police investigation.La Newton Compton ha pubblicato le serie The Wild Series e Bad Boys. Die Schuld der Engel / Kommissar Sauer Bd.1 Sig has to be at the top of every romance readers book boyfriend list. Questa volta non ti dico no. Pretty series

Sig Helps a stranded motorist.Sig for me was sex on a stick, I could have jumped into my kindle and licked him from head to toe, savouring the bits in between!! She was very vulnerable, yet at the same time exuded strength and resiliency. Both are looking at a bigger picture.

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Sig and Tommi were an incredible couple.His name should come with a swoon alert. It was a double whammy cliffhanger and a to be continued ending. As I was reading All Things Pretty, I felt an immovable weight on my chest, created by a combination of tension and anxiety, knowing that it was only a matter of time before the many secrets kept by these characters would be revealed.