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This book held my interest, although some part were quite slow.To try and avoid trouble, her parents send her to England to stay with her godparents Noah and Lisette, in the hope that they will prove to be a steadying influence on her and can find something useful for her to do.


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Am Horizont ein helles Licht: Roman (Die Belle Trilogie 3

This did not change for quite a lot of the book but, just as I was starting to like her, the whole narrative got very repetitive - the amount of times that she spoke of herself as being self centred when she was young was ridiculous and it seemed as though Lesley Pearse was trying to drag the book out by re-introducing various suitors for her in improbable scenarios.Survivor will be published in hardcover and Kindle editions on February 13th. The ending is sickly sweet and a little too perfect for my liking...The heroine of this book is Mariette, the rather spoilt, shallow and headstrong daughter of Belle and her husband, who live at Russell on the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. Heidelberger Lugen / Kripochef Alexander Gerlach Bd.2 The story made me smile as well as shed a few tears in places.Mariette wird nach einer Liebelei von ihren Eltern zu Freunden nach London geschickt. I was bored during this book but I After two thirds of this book I had to stop.

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In fact it works perfectly well as a standalone novel.Nervous but excited about her new life in London and armed with a freedom she has longed for Mari will fall for a handsome steward named Morgan who will take care of her when she fall ill on the ship. We learn more about the friends that Mariette meets and the way that each one has a lasting impact on her.Some of the sex scenes I found crude, and I found it hard initially to get into the book because of my dislike for the main character. Vom Mauerfall zur Wiedervereinigung Not quite I am a Lesley Pearse fan from way back so her books are an automatic read for me.Stark images combined with emotional intensity bring to life the sights, sounds and smells of a scorched and ravaged London after bomb attacks that bring death and destruction to homes and lives. While working in the East End, Mari befriends Johnny Abbott, a cocky and overly confident fire fighter who loves Mari, not for her resilience and strength-of-character but for her family connections.

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It looks as if she is on a collision course with disaster and, indeed, she is already being gossiped about in the small New Zealand town of Russell. Set in New Zealand and Europe, Ms Pearse has written a story with evocative descriptions of Britain and France during the war.W Survivor is another great book by Lesley Pearse. Legenden des Wilden Westens 6: Nur ein dreckiger Bandit Some of the sex scenes I found crude, and I found it hard initially to get into the book because of my dislike for the main character. Mini-Handbuch Meetings leiten It will be these things that will give her what she has always wanted, true happiness.

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I was bored during this book but I kept reading because of the high ratings on Goodreads. There is no doubt that if she remains at home for much longer she is going to find herself in all kinds of trouble.When she arrives in England though, her new life is quickly stripped aw Although this is the 3rd book following on from Bell in 2011 and The Promise in 2012, they are all stand alone books, but I do think it sets a picture if you can read them in order. And a recommendation for readers who enjoy romantic historical fiction set in WW2.