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There are many more sun beds on the beach, some with thatched parasols, a large canopied area, and some leafy trees.There were non-bookable speciality restaurants, namely French, Italian, Steak and Grill, Mares (seafood), Noor (Mediterranean), Chinese, and Dominican. Most guests order their drinks at the often understaffed bar. Die Rain & Lark-Dilogie - Jetzt in einer E-Box! People were going home but no one was coming in. Lunch could be taken on the beach and among options could be pizza, burgers, fresh fruit and paella.

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Our standard room was a little larger than we normally get, and had a small balcony with a garden and partial sea view.Occasionally there was a foam party, which could last for hours accompanied by ear splitting music. They are aware of food allergies. Redeeming Features There are also a rather inefficient showers near the pol. The evening entertainment takes place in what is laughably called the Amphitheatre.

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There are shaded sun loungers around the pool.The staff were extremely helpful, courteous, and friendly, and although pleased to receive tips, were not obviously seeking them. The sandy beach, although a reasonable size, is quite crowded, and although you can take a 15 minute or so walk to Bayahibe As soon as you leave the hotel area you encounter litter, stray dogs and mooring ropes from the many pleasure boats moored nearby.There are 2 main lounges plus a Premium Club one, with very slow waiter service for your drinks, though there are a few bar stools. Abgrund Guests were becoming worried about what was going to happen so everyone seemed on edge. Romantic Thriller Sommer 2015: Sechs Romane um Liebe und Geheimnis My main criticism is the loud music, which emanates from the beach and pool bars and is intrusive, for those who want a quiet relaxing holiday.The best 2 shows were the Circus and the Magic.

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We packed at midnight and did indeed leave the next day as the government were closing the borders.The restaurants started to close down due to the lack of guests and we all had to use the same buffet etc. On our sixth day,another guest tole us we had to leave the day after or we would be stuck there for at least 3 months.Some of the drinks are local, and there are international spirits usually on the top shelf of the bar, presumably for premium guests, but you will normally be served with them if you ask. Der Gesang des Wasserfalls + Der Duft der Mondblume There were cooking stations for breakfast lunch and dinner, so no problem with the food being hot there. Der Tag der Traume Der Erstflug der Maschine mit dem Kennzeichen D-EAEW mit Walter Extra an Bord war am 6.We thought the food was of reasonable to good quality, but there was a problem with it being kept warm and to a lesser extent replenished.

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I was particularly impressed by how regularly mussels and prawns (shrimp) were on the menu. There was a buffet restaurant in the adults section and one in the family area, where you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.Archiviert vom Original am 18. Having been here 2 years ago whilst it was a Dreams resort we were a bit apprehensive about the changes that had happened.