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This really is a "caper" with the good guys and the bad guys chasing each other all over England.

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But it was written over 30 years ago so I am willing to give her, the author, some slack! For something from out of the cloudy mists of Arthurian lore has come back to plague a frightened American abroad.I found myself wishing she would stay focused for more than 5 minutes. Park Avenue Prince (The Royals Series, #5) No one, on reading the perfectly balanced immodesty (in all senses of the word) of Ms. This would be a chance to learn more about who she is.

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But overall it was kind of silly. The mystery itself was a disappointment but I liked the characters themselves, for the most part.But I just didnt like the ending very much either. Alle ins Wasser: Spielend schwimmen - schwimmend spielen (Band 1) This book could have been a lot of fun, if Peters had only put in a little effort. Der Baum, der laufen lernte I mean, the heroine actually used the words "cool, man" in dialogue, for example.

The Camelot Caper (Vicky Bliss, #0.5) by Elizabeth Peters

The main problem with the book is that it was written in the 70s and feels dated. How do any part of the contents qualify as a mystery?I usually skip it when I do my Vicky Bliss rereads, but since it had been so long I figured why not? Das Gluck an meinen Fingerspitzen I hated Cousin John and Algernon (Freddie). Trockenzonen - Die Parodie auf Feuchtgebiete One, it features the only appearance of John Tregarth outside the Vicky Bliss novels, which pulls it into the same continuity as that series as well as the Amelia Peabodies.

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But this is still Elizabeth Peters, and although this is an early work, and it is a comic farce, she is serious about her history. They are set upon by two unknown men for an unknown reason.Even allowing for the time frame in which the book was written, I had a hard time believing anybody could say that without irony. To me it read like the author just wanted to get her ideas on the page, she really then needed to go back and tidy them up.This novel is such FUN!