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Cricket pulls off a stay in the woods that would intimidate most modern 12 year olds.What about all the sharp looks in the grocery store?


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Jo Hackl | Author of Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe

The last is too much for her to deal with alone and she seeks help from Miss V.Cricket, the main character, grapples with family issues of death, abandonment, and mental health. Cricket is immediately a likeable and entertaining girl whose dysfunctional family is challenging, to say the least.Jo Hackl deserves 5 stars to write a book that captures both the young and the young at heart in this way. Scharnhorst, ein General des Fortschritts? Thanks to the vivid imagery and attention to detail in the book, as I read I nearly literally could see, smell, taste, touch and hear various aspects of the woods, the ghost town, and everything else along the way. Cricket faces very realistic, and, in some cases, adult challenges, but Hackl handles them with great finesse, tackling the topics in a way that is age appropriate but never patronizing.I enjoyed it twice.

Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe - Jilanne Hoffmann

To create the world of the book, she learned the skills necessary to survive in the wilderness.I read this delightful middle grade novel that has its book birthday tomorrow on July 10 in an advance reading copy from Net Galley. Fourth-grader Lyla Bemis is also on the Battle of the Books team.Set in the thick woods of an abandoned ghost town, Smack Dab immediately draws you into a delightful story of intrigue and excitement. Was dein Leben leuchten lasst She held on to that coin until Cricket was born. Die Schonheit von Schmetterlingen The book takes readers on an adventure with 12-year-old Cricket in an overgrown Mississippi ghost town as she tries to survive on her own and solve a clue trail left by an eccentric artist with a logic all his own, all to try to find a secret room that may or may not exist.

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I spent years writing this book, talking to residents of the ghost town, camping in the woods, foraging for food, learning outdoor survival skills, and talking to friends about their complicated family dynamics.The idea for Smack Dab in the Middle of Maybe began when I lived in one of the few remaining houses in the ghost town of Electric Mills, Mississippi. Her resiliency is really the thread that will pull readers through her hardest moments.Strangely, this reclusive woman who has only a poetry loving dog for companionship, turns out to be the most caring, reliable adult Cricket has to help her. She uses the skills taught by both her parents to make her way through the forest and ruins of an abandoned town, the real Electric Mills, MS, in her quest.